Stevarelli and Holmie on Elm St!

Yesterday Steve and I had hangout time on Elm Street in Greensboro. Just some random photos from the day......
(all photos of me by Steve, and photos of Steve by me)
PS- click on images for larger versions!!! They're bettah.


Once Nothing: Outtakes !! and Finals

On Wednesday I had the distinct honor of photographing Once Nothing around the streets of Winston-Salem, NC as they are in the middle of recording in W-S. Here's some excellent outtakes.... a few of the final edits are at the bottom... ps look into Once Nothing on myspace.com/oncenothing

And if you're in the area... come with me to see them and A Plea for Purging on the 22nd!!!


putting the laughter in slaughter

ministry of the silly walks

who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? well it's you girl, and you should know it.


Real Beauty

If anyone happens to have contacts at Dove... let me know. I have a campaign idea for them. (click to view larger size)

To see these guys on the interweb please visit: myspace.com/apleaforpurging !!

It's time for some YouTube

In case you haven't seen the show Flight of the Conchords yet. I hear it's a pretty trendy thing to watch.


A Lark! A Spree! Day One

Day one of photoblog. I never thought I'd keep one of these, but since I've been super into scoping out other people's photoblogs, I thought it might be worth an attempt at least.

Today Caroline and I went out for some Krispy Kreme.... oh man.... it never disappoints.

Carol is a chipmunk. I'm getting good at them Batch faces.

We also began some sewing projects.... you can consider these the "before" ... no afters just yet. We got distracted I guess you could say. My new pincushion's first time on the job!!!!! Nikki made it for me!!

A few mornings ago, my dog and I went wandering around the yard. It's been actually weeks since I've taken photos at all and decided just to take the camera with me, just to get it out of the house. Anyway, found autumn peeking out a little bit.

Hopefully the rest of fall will come fast.... droughts and 90 degree afternoons do not go with pumpkin spice lattes.