Eight Months Behind

Yep.. I just realized I haven't updated the blog in eight months. So in February, Josh and I got engaged! We spent the following six months frantically trying to pull together a cute southernish vintagey (legit adjectives btw) wedding with killer-awesome food (priorities). And now that we are actually married, and back from our amazing honeymoon adventure in Seattle, I guess now you could say that I have time to dabble more in the internets. So I'm going to take a second and brag on OUR photographer, Skip Hopkins. We were SO happy with the photos!! To see more, check out his blog.

And now a few from Seattle...

We stayed first at this cute hotel called the Moore Hotel, on 2nd Ave. It used to be super swank in the 30's or 40's- so lovely! If you ever go to Seattle, look them up. It's definitely cheaper than chain hotels in downtown Seattle. Plus, great view.

After a day or two in Seattle, we took a ferry to Bremerton where friends of Josh met us, and let us stay at a cabin on their property in the woods! They have a whole farm that is almost completely self-sustaining. So inspiring. They gave us a sprouting kit for a wedding present also which we have taken full advantage of!!

Ah we had so much fun the whole trip. The weather was perfect and there are NO mosquitoes in all of Washington. Also, blackberries grow wild everywhere there, and they were in season. OOh! And Cherries are only 2 bucks a pound! (As opposed to $8 here in Nashy).
It's good to be back home though. And marriage is so fun so far. Just a relief to live every day with the best friend of your life. :)