Every Diner

Has this poster framed on the wall, I've noticed.
You know, the one that has James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and other classic dead megastars hanging out at a bar around a pool table. And it says
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Sadly there is a Green Day song by the same name- try very hard to not sing it to yourself in your head.
Pretty much impossible.
Just make yourself move on though and think to yourself
How odd it is for this picture to be hanging in every sketch diner across America.
And now that you think about this
Next time you go into a Greasy Spoon
And you see this picture
You'll know that I am right. And you will probably blog about it.

Ben Trimble / The Hermitage Diner / Nashville


What's the Deal with Texans and the One Star?

Asked my brother.
The answer being: Texas is the Lone Star State.
My cousin Amy thought it was awesome that Mitch asked.
I thought it was a pretty good question but also it was a good answer.

So some of the things we did in Texas were pretty normal I guess for the Lone-Star State.
We went cotton picking, we played with tumbleweeds, we saw coyotes, no big deal. Just your average Lone-Star Day.

texan on the range

Trying to find not-harvested cotton.

texan + texan sunset
My beauty of a sister, and what is left of a tumbleweed.


This is what our clothes are made out of.
From a brown plant that grows out of the ground and grows white fuzzy stuff in tiny pods. And someone decided to clean it off and make clothing with the pod fluff.
Wow. I didn't clean off the dirt though. I like the earth on it.

So that's a brief summary of our Texan adventures, the rest really aren't as entertaining or picturesque although it was so good to be with family! Love your families everyone.