People In Love, Part 29334985

Almost a week ago I went out around the East Nashville neighborhood to take pictures with Julia and Jesse in celebration of their engagement. Awww. We all live in East Nashville and we all think the East Nashville bumper stickers are funny. My favorite is the one that says "37206: Over The River and Through The Hood." But I am easily amused. Anyway, we took a few keepers. People in Love are usually easy to photograph... here are some examples.




Jesse & Julia

Then They Got High


When it Rains... I Soar

Figuratively and literally...

For some reason Rainy Days just whip my creativity into a busy frenzy and I start getting ideas. First of all, I've been wanting to do a self-portrait for awhile now; secondly, I've been wanting to try out this lighting situation I've had in my mind for at least two days- just using my reflector and super-sweet reflector holder with a flash in an indoor setting. This morning I was the only one home or awake so this is what I did as the rain came down...

I've been working on my vertical


Also, this is the first camera I ever owned. I remember the first pictures I took on this so vividly... being in fifth grade at summer camp, thinking a certain few boys were super cute... and now having an old shoe box full of 110 film pictures of boys at summer camp who I don't even remember, and maybe one or two of my camp counsellor. Ah those were the days. And now it sits on my window sill. Roots, man...

First Camera

That's about it. I was thinking today that it might be fun if some of us photographers (especially RCC girls??) started a joint blog and took turns giving out a weekly assignment? And then we could all post our creative genius.. Anyone interested in that?
That's all for now. I love my church. The Anchor! If you are in Nashville come visit.