Doll Faces

this is nashville

It's been awhile since I've gotten to play with lights- I don't have any but my good friend Zachary Paul loaned me some for a day of pretty picture takin'.

First of all we have Sara B, these were some promo shoots for her growing styling business. She's a doll face.


Next we have another doll face, Denitia Odigie, a completely gifted singer and songwriter with a voice to die for. Plus she's got a legendary laugh. I'm still working on these so I'll have more up later, but for now...

Denitia Odigie

If you're in the Nashville area, make sure to come by our house every Friday until Christmas at 8pm for dinner and a Christmas movie!! This Friday we're eating spaghetti (meat and non meat varieties) and watching ELF! Be there or be scrooge!
1617 Forrest Ave. in East Nash.

Hope everyone's enjoying the fall! Christmas is closer than you think...