I Was Awesome For A Day

Yesterday I had one of my photos featured on Flickr's Explore page, which had never happened to me before. I went to check my email and suddenly my inbox was flooded with notifications from Flickr- New contacts. New comments! New people favoriting my photograph left and right. And today it's over. Whirlwind indeed.
Apparently this isn't the first time it's happened, it's just the first time I knew about it, as this image was in the top ten of the five hundred that Flickr chooses to showcase daily.

Today as I stared at my empty inbox it occurred to me that none of this probably matters.
But for a hiccup of time it's nice to feel like you're awesome.
So then I made myself a bagel with cream cheese, and a coffee misto with sugar free cinnamon dolce, chatted with my mom for awhile about moving and my fears and concerns with money and packing and such. I told her I'm really stressed over alot of things that I don't think I outwardly show, and she listened. I love my mom.
And I think it's moments like those that really matter.
Not so much internet celebrity status
Or comments on photographs
Or my lonely inbox.

I will miss my family when I move to Nashville.


Stella said...

Hi Sarah! What's going on in Nashville for you??

Sara said...

you are awesome miss holmes :) but it is wonderful that you got that kind of recognition, you deserve it.