Happy February Thirteenth

The day after my sister's birthday, the day before Valentines day: Feb 13 is often left by the wayside, a calenderical outcast if you will.
Because I was off work today (yes, I have a day job.. those of you reading this blog may now let out a "phew") I took some time to edit some old photos. These photos have not until today been seen by other human eyes except for mine. And maybe a few others. We may never know.

Lunch in Lubbock, Texas with Grandpa and Grandma Holmes and Uncle Dan. Taken last March.

The next two come from Little Rock, Arkansas.

I'm always mesmerized by animals, which probably isn't unique to being a female. But sometimes I feel like animals like to pose for me. I should do an entire animal portrait post some day when my demographic finally levels around females ages 6 to 12.
While shooting at the Little Rock Zoo for an ad campaign, a curious giraffe wandered over while we shot in the rhinocerous area. because the walls that separated the spaces were pretty short, the giraffe came and essentially stood right over me. I got this shot.

This next one is of Vince... the same day I fell in love with ring flashes, albeit macro ones (thank you Wesley)...
I'm considering this one as website material... any input on that?

As always thank you for being YOU. And take a tip from ole Auntie Sarah, don't quit your day jobs, it makes the hobbies more fun.

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