Now that Amy dropped the Sanders and became a Mrs., I can show these bridal portraits to the world- taken in Little Rock, Arkansas last week.
Have a gander at that bling...

I Want Candy

Ever since I've known Amy, which has been around 25 years, I've known her to be a lover of twizzlers and other candies, always keeping them stashed away somewhere but ready and willing to share them. Even right as we were walking out the door at 7am to shoot, she was munching on a twizzler, so I grabbed a bag and we incorporated them into these shots.

These were taken under the Broadway Bridge in North Little Rock.

Lights Descending

This from the "ethereal goddess" series..


If you have a photoblog leave me a comment with a link! I can't get enough of these things!


Mike Dalton said...

Glad to see you too have become infect with the photoblogs.

Kerry said...

A. Great photos...check out mine: http://shilohphotography.blogspot.com and a friend of mine: http://achorandeden.blogspot.com

B. What part of Peru is your boy in...'cause I for reals just got home from Peru this morning!

Twenty Two Photo said...

I'm addicted to them....or maybe it's an obsession...