Tiny Adventure No. 294

For any of you not familiar with Sigur Ros, get a life and click on that link before you continue.

That being said, to further preface this entry, it was only a few days ago when my friend Daniel offered to me a ticket to see Sigur Ros play at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City on Thursday, June 12. I, being in love with their music, and never having seen them play live, and also having nothing to do on Thursday, of course decided that I should go.

I didn't realize how far away Kansas City actually is, because I never was good at geography, and I also didn't think about the time constraints upon us. Not that I regret going, and not that their performance didn't make it worthwhile, but driving over night two nights in a row with minimal sleep with five people crammed into a compact car does tend to make things miserable. I am still out of it mentally even though I slept for fifteen hours last night. However... the show was the best performance I've seen in my entire life.. I wasn't allowed to bring my camera in. The point and shoot cameras were allowed in, so you can click here to see other people's pictures. These are some photos from sitting in line for 4.5 hours, and it is good that we got there that early!

This is the last shot I got before security shut me down.
The Buck Stops here

The kind Red Bull people were giving away their drinks for free- they even had sugar free ones! Here Philip and Ryan enjoy the Red Bull generosity.
Free Red Bulls

Playing Cards with new friends..

Waiting for Sigur Ros...

This is Julie! We became friends while waiting in line. After the show, Julie invited our group back to her apartment to take showers and freshen up before our journey back home! She also made for us some delicious coffee which probably saved our lives...

So that is all, very sorry about having no pictures of the actual performance, but I think it was a good thing for me at least.. when you love taking pictures it takes away from being able to absorb in the actual moment, and I am so glad I was able to do that. Hope everyone's having a good weekend and don't forget to hug your pops tomorrow!

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